What is PiYao?

-PiYao is a beast that turns disaster into fortune.

-People believe they eat up monsters and turns their blood into money.

-PiYao’s main diet is jewelries, since they do not have a bum hole, wealth stays within them

-It protects their master from evil spirits and bring wealth to the owner


Suitable for You?

-No to pregnant lady, children, and elderly


The Proper Use

-Bless them by a master before using 

-Wear on the left hand since Left hand since left hand symbolizes wealth coming in, if on the right hand, your luck might go away instead

-PiYao Face out (facing towards your pinky finger) since it has to eat the jewelries from the outside bring them to their owner, if face in, your fortune might leak away

- Wear them frequently or else they don’t feel the care and love so they bring less fortune to you

-Talk to your Piyao and touch it frequently everyday for it to listen to you and help you find wealth

-Keep them neat and clean

-Avoid prolong brightness