RUYI (Goes as One's Wish)

Best for:
Developing people's memory and helping academic progress (Suitable for students)
Drives away evil
For good luck
For Happiness
For Fortune

“It was made by the Huangdi Ruyi, the weapon of the battle Chiyou. Later, it was changed to Gu Duo, innocent and clingy, to ward off the demons.” It is said that Ruyi was originally a weapon, so Ruyi has its effect on warding off evil.

The “List of Different Things” in the Qing Dynasty said: “The wishful person is also the ancient claw stick.” In the earliest Ruyi, the handle is shaped like a finger to show that the hand can’t reach it, and scratching can be satisfied, so it is called Ruyi, commonly known as “don't ask for help."

School run

In ancient times, when many monks preached the scriptures, they also kept wishing, remembering the scriptures above, in case of forgetting. Since then, it has evolved into Ruyi, which has the effect of developing people's memory and helping academic progress, which is very suitable for students!

Driveaway evil

As mentioned above, Ruyi is the emperor's weapon to fight Chiyou, which can block evil and drive away evil, and it has a very good effect whether it is worn or placed at home!

Feng shui, good luck

Ruyi does what the wearer’s like, and the form and meaning of Ruyi are very optimistic! Putting Ruyi in the home can make one happy and improve one family's fortune; wearing it on one’s body can improve one’s fortune.


Good luck
Emotional Balance