Safety Buckle

Developing a successful cycle filled with joy

1. Implies safety: Just like its name, “safe buckle”, its simplest and direct meaning is “to buckle safety”, to bless the wearer’s life smoothly and safely. Although “blessing for peace” seems simple, it has always been the greatest wish for the Chinese to protect their homes since ancient. When troubles turn into good fortune and disasters turn into prosperity, a blessing for peace already have the most powerful effect.

2. Implies fortune: There is a saying that safety buckles originated from copper coins. Its appearance is very similar to copper coins, so safety buckles also have the meaning of fortune. When business people wear safety buckles, they can protect their health, making sure everything is safe and sound, encouraging signs of fortune and wealth.

3. Implies for a prosperous family: The shape of the safety button comprises a big circle on the outside and a small circle on the inside, resembling a harmonious husband-and-wife relationship, where wearing it will help maintain happiness.

4. Implies smooth academic progression: Many parents provide safety buckles to their children to protect their children’s health and safety when going out. The smooth and rounded lines of the safety buckles have a clear, well-organised meaning. Children wearing safety buckles also implies their family’s wish for good academic success.

“Fu” stands for blessing and luck, meaning full of blessings, with lucky stars supporting, where one is safe and peaceful.

“Fu” translates to:
Good fortune
Ultimate happiness
Wealth & riches
Health and longevity
Descendants luck


Good luck
Emotional Balance